Mr. Dhaval Raiyani

(Marketing Head)

Mr Dhaval Raiyani is the Marketing Head of the Hadono group and has a team of 5 people under him he manages all the marketing and promotion of the company through different medium and increase the sales of the company and he is expert in his field and has a great knowledge of marketing and digital advertising.

Mr. Niraj Raiyani

(Production Head)

Mr Niraj Raiyani is the Production Head of the Hadono group he manages and inspect all the production in the factory he has a team of 25 people under him his main aim is to inspect the production and maintain the quality of the product and from raw material to finish product he inspect everything manufacturing packaging and the finish product to maintain same quality products for the customers.

Partners With Us

We feel proud to present our partners who always strive to serve the customers for complete satisfaction and a luxurious living style.